HAGEN ETC. creates contemporary design products and furniture in the cross-field of architecture, design, and art. The statics of architecture, the dialogue of art and the vibrancy of fashion inspire us to shape a new dynamic.

We take an intuitive approach to product development and view intuition as a valuable tool for developing products with strong aesthetic and form values that combine new technology with time-honoured knowledge about craftsmanship, material properties and simple design solutions.

Our core competence is the ability to guide processes through the phases of idea generation and product development to the actual production stage. We only engage with products that have the capacity to contribute something new to the global world of ​​design. Therefore, cross-disciplinary collaborations driven by a well-defined design strategy play an essential role in our work.

At HAGEN ETC. we celebrate uncomplicated design and always apply a straightforward, positive and functional design approach. We strive to create solutions that appeal to and connect with people on an emotional level, and which are rooted in the strong Scandinavian craft traditions.

Our DNA is based on design solutions by Rikke Hagen, who for the past 20 years has carried out design and concept development for a number of established Danish design companies, including Holmegaard, Normann Copenhagen, Kähler Design, Georg Jensen and Bolia.

HAGEN ETC. combines design strategy, ideas, product development and production.