A new expression in the cork

In HAGEN ETC. we like to explore materials in new ways. Bark is a piece of limited edition furniture in our collection. A lounge chair made of oak cork and is an expression of the meeting between new technology in a 5-axis CNC milling machine and an understanding of good old craftsmanship.

Danish design is deeply rooted in understanding craftsmanship, materials and an honest approach to form and function. It is defined by thinking that we can improve our lives by going further. We owe this legacy to people who dared to think innovatively within an industry willing to take a risk.

Together with danish designMAKERS, Rikke Hagen has exhibited Bark at this year’s furniture fair in Stockholm.


danish designMAKERS

danish designMAKERS is an alliance of designers of different nationalities and backgrounds, but all with strong ties to the Danish design culture.

danish designMAKERS values honesty, simplicity and function, and that these values reflect the beauty of the outcome are what binds the exhibitors together.

danish designMAKERS believe that design is first and foremost a practical subject and is best kept this way. They continue this tradition, and let a hands-on experience define Danish design and tell its story.