A cooperation


– between Georg Jensen Damask and Rikke Hagen.

Inspired by the punchcards, earlier used in weaving process, Rikke Hagen has developed a patten i pixels. A pattern in which she plays with dot or pixels in a tight simple gritmakes the white clover flower bloom.

The result is a beautiful, delicate pattern of flower heads from the clover. Beds linen is made of Egyptian cotton.


In intersection between design and craftsmanship

– is where the Danish designer Rikke Hagen gets her inspiration. Here the ideas come alive.

When the two worlds meet – the traditional craftsmanship and the modern digital world merge and new opportunities arise. The story of the punched card previously used in the traditional weaving process at Georg Jensen Damask get re-intepretated and a design development takes place in a meaningful way and a modern expression.