A notebook trilogy. 3 books – 3 sizes.


Notebooks with a graphic pattern on the front cover is both playful and minimalistic. The pattern is repeated inside the books in the shape of lines and grids. The design is made in collaboration between the two designers Trine Bjerre and Rikke Hagen.




Playful sketcbooks

The large book is a playful sketchbook, where you can chose to cut out the models before you cut them out and glue them onto the front cover.

When put together, all the small models will form the 3D picture from the cover of the notebook.

You can chose to write your own notes or do your own sketches on top of the small origami’s and fold them into three dimensional designs.

Dialogue is a purse size notebook with lines and models suitable for text, notes and dialogue.

The book has classical lines as well as a playful pattern which can help you “find” the right writing direction.

The small book – Sketch logue – is for your pocket. The one you doodle and make notes in.

The book consists of two neat patterns, which will form a nice background for your own masterpieces.



Trine Bjerre:

Graphic Designer MDD and owner of the agency.



Rikke Hagen:

Master’s degree and Designer MA, from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.



The design duo has brought their professional skills together from respective disciplines. In a combination where Trine Bjerre’ skills in 2D layout and Rikke Hagen’ work with the 3D universe provides a synergy. They manage to combine aesthetics and quality in a playful graphic concept of patterns, grid and lines. The product has a become a modern trilogy of notebooks.