Design Solutions


In HAGEN ETC. we team up with colleagues and clients on a daily basis to work with new ideas, design strategy, product development, craftsmanship and large scale production. Our highly developed search for designs and understanding of material derives from the pleasure of working with craftsmanship.

Our core competence is the ability to guide designprocesses through phases of generating ideas, leading product development and getting the actual production right according to the designers plan. In addition to our work with large scale production it is important for us to preserve curiosity in search of new projects.


We strive to create solutions that appeal to and connect with people on an emotional level, and which are rooted in the strong Scandinavian craft traditions.

Our aim is to generate object alive with one derived from a simplicity, aesthetic and emotional approach to design.


Amorph – never still, always looking for new paths

We preserve curiosity and the search for new paths – both in the objectives of projects and the means to solve tasks in projects.

We search for inspiration in challenging new materials and old traditional craftsmanship. We search betwixt and between for the rise of new ideas. It is within the clash, the tension, the merge, the cross-over between the new and the old, that we find new inspiring paths.


Our DNA is based on design solutions by Rikke Hagen, who for the past 20 years has carried out design and concept development for a number of Danish brands:


Normann Copenhagen

Kähler Design

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Damask


Watt a lamp



Move/ design for Normann Copenhagen:

Keep your money, cards, pills and keys in order with a series of personal objects, designed for minimalist lovers. Designed to keep you on the Move.