At HAGEN ETC. we work with our own collection of smaller intuitive objects suited for your everyday life.

We produce objects in Denmark and abroad. Objects that are inspired by the intersection between art, architecture and design added a practical, logical sense.

A stool inspired by a milking stool in a new expression and completely different materials. A table lamp that mimics a cartoon character. Glass that sends retro-references back, but production techniques forward. It is the essence and the texture in HAGEN ETC. born in a joint venture between designer Rikke Hagen and strategic partners. A company that carries Rikke Hagens name and signature of both products and the designers she chooses to work with. Rikke Hagen joins with numerous competences in both modern production technologies and functional aesthetics of contemporary designers. HAGEN ETC. strive for curiosity, courage and innovative thinking. We believe in design solutions for the benefit to us all.

“Crafts are our avantgarde. In our experimental a breeding ground of emotional approach to design.” 

Quote by Rikke Hagen, DANSK DESIGN NU / KUNSTHÅNDVÆRKET ER VORES AVANTGARDE / Article by Charlotte Jul