‘UP’ by Peter Johansen

Peter Johansen gets his inspiration from his everyday life of his immediate surroundings. Peter contribute to this with his way of logic thinking.

‘UP’ is a ‘knock down’ saw horses. Beautiful as a furniture.

‘UP’ is a distinct sample of Peters way of working with design. Easy to decipher, simple solution and yet refined in its expression. It is made with respect for the material and the traditional craftsmanship.



About the design

Behind Peter’s design lies a lot of hand-drawn sketches before he makes or sculpts his work in 1: 1 scale models.

Peter has a playful and exploratory approach to the design profession without too much frills.


It is what it is. Refreshingly simple!

Peter Johansen

Peter Johansen graduated from the Danish School of Design at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, furniture and interior design department.

With a Swedish mother and a Norwegian father, the skandivaviske tradition and spirit indispensable is part of Peter’s DNA, with he manages to develop in a modern context.

Peter Johansen has among others worked with companies including Ligne Roset, Normann Copenhagen, HAY and now HAGEN ETC.